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St Pancras Old Church

Another one well worth a look, St Pancras Old Church and Churchyard. It’s only a 10-minute walk away from the newly developed area of Coal's Drop Yard near Kings Cross and home to some knockout monuments, mausoleums and other cool stuff. First off - John Soane's mausoleum. Soane was an architect whose best known work was the Bank of England, but he also designed loads of other public buildings and created his own museum up at Lincoln's Inn Fields in Holborn. The mausoleum was the inspiration for the red ‘K2’ telephone boxes that you see all over England. Take a look at the picture below and you can see what I mean. Another belter of a monument is a Gothic extravaganza, the Burdett-Coutts Me

Trellik Tower, North Kensington

I've always been interested in the Hungarian Brutalist architect, Ernő Goldfinger. His last significant building was the Trellik Tower, a landmark in my neighbourhood of North Kensington, up near the top of Portobello Road and which is now seen as a highly desirable by many who have chosen to make it their home. However this was not always the case and almost as soon as it was completed in 1972, it seemed doomed to failure and something from which Goldfinger never recovered. A humourless man given to notorious rages, his reputation was not helped when Ian Fleming, the creator of James Bond, used his name as the arch villain in his 3rd Bond outing of the same name. Fleming was angry that Gold

Hampstead Heath

Well Good Morning 😃 How amazing to be only 4 miles from the dead centre of London yet surrounded by this stunning scenery. Hampstead Heath, 800 acres of sheer awesomeness, unparalleled views across the city, inspiration for artists & writers - Constance & C.S.Lewis spring immediately to mind. Two of my favourite parts are the view from Parliament Hill and the delightful hamlet of the Vale of Health nestling in amongst the woodland.

JFK Memorial, Runnymede

The memorial to John F. Kennedy at Runnymede is a very different kind of memorial. The principal element is a 7 ton, 100 million year old block of Portland Stone that bears a dedication, the dates of the President's life and a quotation from Kennedy's inaugural address delivered on 20th January, 1961. Beside the stone is a Hawthorne symbolising both England and Catholicism, President Kennedy's religion and behind is an American Scarlet Oak. What I find makes this such a special memorial, however, is that it placed a short walk up through an intentionally unkempt hillside meadow on a path made of steps of varying width and shallowness. The walk is surprisingly steep and I was slightly out of

Windsor Castle

Out on the bike again today and this time it was Destination Windsor. But a Windsor like I have never seen it. Glorious weather and zero people. Normally at this time of year it would be getting super busy and it really brought home how much I miss not being able to wander around the stunning state rooms, gaze up at those incredible Verrio ceilings, marvel at magnificent semi state rooms (Crimson Drawing Room is my favourite), get lost in the newly refurbished Queen Mary's Doll House (not literally, not me anyway) and sense the wonder of those glittering state dinners in St Georges Hall. And of course, not forgetting the history seeping from the very walls of St Georges Chapel, most recently

Oast House, Kent

I went on a cycle trip outside of London to Kent countryside the other day and came across several of these curiously shaped houses dotted all over the place. They are known as Oast houses and for centuries were an integral part producing beer, and we Brits all love a beer, right? Thing is, beer is all made with the same basic 3 ingredients (barley, yeast, water) but what gives it its unique flavour, aroma and longevity are hops and the county of Kent produces tons of hops - as well as boatloads of apples, pears, cherries and plums; it's not called the Garden of England for nothing. However before hops can be added into the brewing process for beer, they need to be dried and the best w

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