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St Bride's Church, Fleet Street

St Brides Church is tucked in behind the busy thoroughfare that is Fleet Street in central London. Historically Fleet Street was the home of the newspaper industry up until the 1980s, so it makes sense that St Brides became known as the Journalists’ Church and the ‘spiritual home of journalists throughout the world’. Over the years it hosted a great many services commemorating and celebrating the lives of journalists, reporters, broadcasters, cameramen, editors and proprietors. And it was here, just over 3 years ago that the media mogul Rupert Murdoch married Jerry Hall. The steeple is said to be the inspiration for the traditional tiered wedding cakes that we see today, thanks to an apprent

Churchill War Rooms

For many visitors to London, one of the highlights is a tour of the Churchill War Rooms. Understandable when you consider that it was from these cramped, utilitarian and rather basic set of rooms that key strategic decisions which shaped the victorious outcome of Great Britain and her Allies over the forces of Nazi Germany in World War II were undertaken. Located in the basement of the current Treasury building, their key role was as an Operations Centre which was responsible for collecting information from all over the world in order that joint Chiefs of Staff of the Army, Navy and Air Force and their teams stationed within were able make the decisions that would ensure Allied military succ

Upton House, a weekend retreat

Upton House is one of those stately country homes that I could most definitely live in. Large, but not too excessive with sweeping lawns bordered by extensive herbaceous borders and majestic Cedar of Lebanon trees and an art collection to die for. Rembrandt, Stubbs, Gainsborough, Joshua Reynolds, Tintoretto – you name it, they are all here, including the largest Canaletto I think I have ever seen. The main part of the house was built at the end of the 1690's in the ‘Restoration’ Style. This style is all about magnificence and opulence – the name Restoration referring to the time when Charles II was restored to the throne of England after the rather puritanical severity of the previous rule u

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