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Highgate Cemetery

Interesting tour of Highgate Western cemetery which looked spectacular in the morning winter sunshine. Accessible only as part of a guided tour, this graveyard is one of the ‘Magnificent Seven’ cemeteries that were created in the 19th Century to alleviate overcrowding in existing parish burial grounds within London as well as to avoid the ever present body snatchers that used to hang around graveyards waiting to steal freshly buried corpses and sell them to interested parties who used them for dissection. An additional issue, given that the population of London exploded by over 5 million during the 1800s, was that bodies were often hastily buried, simply wrapped in a shroud and often just a

The Peace Pagoda

On a cycle through the 200 acre Battersea Park situated on the south bank of the river Thames, I snapped a few pictures up close of the London Peace Pagoda that can be seen from other side of the river when driving or cycling down Chelsea Embankment. It was built my monks, nuns and followers of a Japanese Buddhist movement called Nipponzan Myohoji and completed in 1985 just weeks after its founder, the Venerable Nichidatsu Fuji or ‘Guruji’ as he affectionately came to be known, died at the grand old age of 100. The double-roofed structure, which is 33.5 m high and constructed from concrete and wood, is one of around 80 around the world that have been erected since 1947 by the movement to pro

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