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The Royal Ballet, Covent Garden

Today was all about the ballet, specifically The Royal Ballet and its London locations. The Royal Ballet is Britain's flagship ballet company with an international reputation as one of the absolute finest. It has been around since 1931 and took up residence at the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden 15 years later and has around 100 dancers in its company. Since 2003 the School has been housed in a separate complex to the Opera House itself and students access the main building through the strikingly elegant Bridge of Aspiration, a twisting concertina structure that I think gives a real sense of movement, fluidity and dynamism. It is affectionately known as The Bridge of Perspiration and a b

War Memorial, Stockwell

Whilst researching out a tour of Life in London during World War II, I was excited to find out that small buildings that I had not really noticed before, but walked past hundreds of times, were a lot more interesting than I thought. These fairly nondescript buildings were the entrances to deep-level shelters, built during the War for accommodation and protection of Londoners during the blitz. 10 were planned, 8 were built and each could fit 8000 people with facilities which, whilst not luxurious, were marginally better than the underground stations that people had taken to shelter in at the beginning of the blitz. As it happened, they never really got much use as construction only finished w

Rye, East Sussex

Rye is the most perfect, supremely English quaint medieval town I can think of. Steeped in history, over 900 years old and a benchmark for picturesque. Crooked half-timbered houses line a muddle of steep cobbled lanes with borders of breathtaking flowers, grasses, and herbs. At its centre is the church of St Mary the Virgin as well as other historic buildings such as the Wipers Tower (more correctly called Ypres Tower - Rye was technically French until 1247) and the Mermaid Inn (rebuilt - in 1420!) to name just a couple. Its location, just under 2 hours from London and 2 miles from the sea, made it a firm favourite for smugglers of yesteryear with hoards of booty stored in old vaulted cellar

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