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St Paul's Cathedral - from the top

As you know, I LOVE this place. Magnificent and majestic, but today it was especially wonderful. Early on a winter morning, bright sunshine streaming through a pretty empty church; very spiritual. And then we climbed 528 steps to the very top, up at the Golden Gallery. Wonderful views across town and at least 50% of my gym workout completed. The picture below is looking through a window from the very centre of the dome down onto the ground below. Around 300 feet I reckon, although the actual full height of the dome is 365 feet. Wren was a master mathematician, loved symmetry and the perfection of numbers.

Westminster Abbey - Lumiere Festival

Wonderful way to experience Westminster Abbey, as part of the Lumiere festival which transformed the streets of central London into a dazzling, technicolor nocturnal art exhibition. Over 50 sound and light installations, coupled with the fact that all vehicular traffic on streets such as Piccadilly, Regent Street and Piccadilly Circus was stopped made for a unique and atmospheric experience. On top of that, it had been raining earlier that day so all of the streets shone even more brightly with the reflection in various large puddles of water...

Neasden Temple - never fails to impress

Inaugurated on 20 August 1995, this is Britain’s first authentic Hindu temple as well as being Europe’s first traditional Hindu stone temple, this is a wonderful building. It is noted for its profusely carved cantilevered central dome, believed to be the only one in Britain that does not use steel or lead. Inside, serpentine ribbons of stone link the columns into arches, creating a sense of levitation.

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