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Grosvenor Square - the US in London

Grosvenor Square has been the traditional home of the official American presence in London since John Adams established the first American mission in 1785. He used to live at No 9. Also known as ‘Eisenhower Platz’ during World War II when Dwight Eisenhower established a military HQ at No 20. The square is home to a number of US Monuments, including that of Franklin D Roosevelt, the Eagle Squadrons Memorial and a 9/11 memorial. It also used to house the US Embassy from 1960, although this has been moved to brand new premises in Battersea. The current building is to reopen as a Rosewood Hotel once the remodelling has been completed.

Albert Bridge, River Thames

Snapped this rather splendid shot of the Albert Bridge, one of my three favourite bridges that span the river Thames; the other two being Tower Bridge and Hammersmith Bridge. I have always loved this bridge with its chains that fan out from the two towers of its structure, adorned with thousands of LED lights which, along with the unusual painted colour scheme makes it particularly conspicuous and beautiful - especially at night. It is one of only two bridges that has never been replaced (the other is Tower Bridge) since it was built way back in 1873, although several changes have been incorporated to strengthen the original construction, including some of the design elements of a suspension

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