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Reece Mews, Kensington

Reece & Kendrick Mews near South Kensington tube station is up there as one of my top all time best Mews in London. Not the prettiest (not too shabby either!) but so much to see there. First off there is the ski lift mural by Johny Midnight, well known in the Alps for his ski art. It was a commission for ski holiday and property company which is based in the mews and to the right, he added a portrait of the figurative painter Francis Bacon in homage to the artist himself. Despite his considerable success, with his paintings selling for millions even during his lifetime, Bacon preferred to live and work in the relatively cramped conditions at number 7 for over 30 years until his death in 1992

Chiswick House and Gardens

One of my most favourite places to visit in west London is Chiswick House, a small-ish villa surrounded by a 65-acre garden. Both the villa itself and these gardens were ground-breaking in their time; most who saw it would never have experienced anything like it before. First off, it was built in a very new architectural style of the time known as Palladian. Palladianism was a philosophy of design based on the writings and work of Andreas Palladio, an Italian architect of the 16th century who tried to recreate the style and proportions of the buildings of ancient Rome and one of its key champions in England was the architect Inigo Jones. The villa was one of the first buildings to have Palla

Eden Project, Cornwall

The Eden Project; like Kew Gardens but on steroids. At least that was my first thought as I entered the largest indoor rain forest in the world, situated within one of two vast futuristic man-made biome structures that look like alien spacecraft among acres of landscaped garden. Lush orchards of fruiting banana plants, pineapple, coffee, rubber, and giant bamboo sit alongside exotically coloured and delicately featured blooms including one of my favourite, Strelitzia or The Bird of Paradise. Eye-catching crested partridges foraging for seeds, fruits and insects complete the tropical paradise vibe. The other biome contains 1000's of plants that you would find in a Mediterranean type environme

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