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Windsor Castle

Out on the bike again today and this time it was Destination Windsor. But a Windsor like I have never seen it. Glorious weather and zero people.

Normally at this time of year it would be getting super busy and it really brought home how much I miss not being able to wander around the stunning state rooms, gaze up at those incredible Verrio ceilings, marvel at magnificent semi state rooms (Crimson Drawing Room is my favourite), get lost in the newly refurbished Queen Mary's Doll House (not literally, not me anyway) and sense the wonder of those glittering state dinners in St Georges Hall.

And of course, not forgetting the history seeping from the very walls of St Georges Chapel, most recently the location of Harry & Meghan wedding. How long ago that seems!

Anyway, it's been continuously inhabited for close to 1000 years so am pretty sure it can get through the next few months until it is business as usual.

Stay safe out there everyone.

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