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St Anne's, Limehouse

I often pass St Anne’s, Limehouse when I am coming into town from the East End of London, but what really made it stick out yesterday was the carpet of spring bulbs, daffodils and crocus, that covered the graveyard in front. However the church itself is pretty interesting in its own right. For a start it holds the title for being the highest church clock in London and indeed the tallest second highest Gothic-style tower in Britain after Big Ben, yet it is almost 5 miles away from the centre of London and few people even know of its existence. Built as one of 12 churches known as the Queen Anne Churches, it served the burgeoning yet poorer docklands area, east of London since 1730. Given its

Tutankhamun Exhibition at the Saatchi

Tutankhamun has landed at the Saatchi Gallery and is worth every penny of the rather hefty price tag (£27). I was half expecting a full on Disney experience, pop archaeology at its finest and wasn’t too sure if I wanted to see these incredible objects, with whose names and images I am so familiar as a result of my time in the British Museum, to be seen in such a light. But it totally worked. Things that stick out are the graceful, refined yet dazzling golden figures carved in the round (as opposed to the more usual way of depicting figures from that time; in profile with faces usually facing to the right), the translucent alabaster and calcite vases which shimmered in their cases, the wooden

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