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Winfield House, Regents Park

Stars and Stripes majestically flying over Winfield House, the British residence of the US Ambassador.

Located within Regents Park, this 35 room palatial mansion was originally commissioned in 1936 by Barbara Hutton, heiress of the retail tycoon Frank Woolworth and one of the wealthiest woman in the world at the time. Worth an inflation adjusted £800 million, she was dubbed the 'poor little rich girl' on account of her troubled private life that included several husbands. One of them was my personal hero Cary Grant; the press referred to them as 'Cash and Cary.'

She actually sold Winfield House to the US government for $1 after World War II and it became the official ambassador residence in 1965 and with 12.5 acres, the second largest private garden after Buckingham Palace.

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