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Windsor Castle & Town

One of my most favourite places to visit of all time is Windsor Castle, the oldest continuously inhabited castle in the world and favoured weekend (and then some) residence of Her Majesty. So many amazing events have happened here over the centuries, most recently of course the wedding of Harry & Meghan at the breathtaking St George’s Chapel.

Normally it is absolutely heaving with people taking in its unique atmosphere, treasures and awe-inspiring sense of history. Fabulous artwork, astonishing fixtures and fittings, St Georges Hall where those famous state banquets are held and the recently refurbished Queen Mary’s Dolls’ House, the semi state rooms (my personal fave is the Crimson Drawing Room), the totally over the top china collection, in particular the Rockingham set – the list goes on and on and on.

I took a cycle trip out there a coupe of days ago and it was strange to see the streets surrounding the castle so empty of visitors, a complete first. The Royal Standard was flying high above the central Round Tower, so I hope Her Majesty is taking care and enjoying the relative peace during her period of self-isolation. Even the skies above, which are normally full of planes landing at nearby Heathrow Airport, were silent.

Check out these most unusual external shots of the castle and town, including me in my cycling gear standing next to the smallest front door I have ever seen. Right after I took the pic, the owner of this house, located in a nearby village called Datchet, opened the door and came out. I didn’t think it was humanly possible, but it was.

And there’s no denying that I can’t wait until such a time that Windsor Castle is open again for business; I didn’t realise how much I missed it until I was stood there in front the place. Keep safe everyone!

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