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The Royal Mews

Buckingham Palace itself may not be open to the public right now, but the Royal Mews certainly is.

Located in the grounds of the Palace, this wonderful slice of Royal life is home to a collection of historic coaches, carriages, horses and luxury cars. It is one of the finest working stables in the world and is responsible for all of the road travel arrangements for Her Majesty and other members of the Royal Family as well as being home to generations of the same family members that continue to live and work there - described by Her Majesty as a small village belonging to the Palace.

Alongside state landaus, Queen Alexandra's State Coach used to transport the crown jewels from the Tower of London to Westminster Abbey and the Glass Coach, used by Lady Diana to transport her to St Pauls Cathedral on her wedding day to name just a few, the absolute must-see is the breathtaking Golden State Coach created for King George III in 1760 and used for every coronation since that that time.

Last used by The Queen for her Golden Jubilee in 2002, it is a riot of gilded craftsmanship celebrating Britain's victory in the Seven Years' War with France at that time. Mythical sea-gods called Tritons appear at each corner blowing conches to herald the arrival of the Monarch and at every turn, ornate detailing that reflected our imperial power and beautifully executed painted panels by some of the greatest craftsman of our time. Something you will never forget

So much history, tradition and pageantry on display here, I would give yourself around 45 minutes to see it all. Well worth it.

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