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City of London - new buildings

A wonderful overview of the current state of new skyscrapers and other buildings in development within the square mile with my fellow guide and all round amazingly knowledgeable chap David Thompson.

Very exciting developments, not just to hear about the how the skyline will be changing with projects such as 122 Bishopgate, formerly known as The Pinnacle which will soar 278 metres above the city (almost as high as the Shard) and the Scalpel (with its innovate construction techniques including cantilevered cranes employed half way up, see pic), but also other innovative projects by Eric Parry which will see colorful additions to the more usual glass and stone buildings you see in the area.

Looking forward to seeing if One Undershaft does actually go ahead and nice to hear about projects such as the new Maggie's Centre at St Bartholomew's Hospital which is to open in the next week or so I believe. We really do live in the most energetic, vibrant city. Love to see how it develops...

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